Just a couple of screens of what the Lottery Bob prize room looks like at the moment.
Can't help but laugh at Apollo in that costume.
Another screen of checking out the room.
and I thought I'd add in this one, it was funny...
So some of you may have heard talk of Lottery Bob coming into Edge and he's finally released now.
You can find him where the Ultimate Apozen and Chest room used to be.
And yes, Game Room where Apozen resides can not be accessed, unless your character is still on the map.
So if it's not too late, don't leave unless you want to wait for the room to return.
Also, Apollo has mentioned that there will be another Game Room where Hall of Borg is.
It will be a little different and will be prize winning game based and there will be games where keyboard skills are needed.

He has also said that when the Game Room does return, that Apozen may or may not be replaced with the Donom Machine.
And the chest will be altered slightly.
Now for some information about Lotto Bob.

In time Lotto Bob will be up and running, and once he does, Apollo said that you'll have a chance to win prizes.
Now, these prizes could be either good or not so good, depending on your chance.
Also, for all those players out there that are trying to get Good Force or Fire Force Wings, you might even be lucky enough to win them from Bob.

Lottery Bob will be automated, which means you'll have a regular chance to win something.
Apollo has also said that Lotto Bob may offer an item that is only obtainable from him.
So be visiting Lotto Bob in the near future to win prizes that might be valuable or completely worthless.

Now for some news on EE2. Apollo has stated that once he has put all these updates in place, Lotto Bob, Game Rooms etc. he will be replacing Vult-r's client and EE2 will be fully compatible.
He still has some work to do on the database that still may take some time, but EE2 should be up and working shortly.
Also for all those Mac users out there, Apollo may be working on getting the client to run on your systems, if he can get in reach of a Mac computer himself.
So fingers crossed for all Mac users out there.

Anyway, I'll be putting up a screen or two of the new Lotto prize room.
I hope you all take care and have fun with the new changes ahead.

Not too sure what to call this one.

Could go with a couple more effects, this was done in no more than ten minutes or so.
What are your opinions on it?
Hopefully in the new client we'll be seeing effects like this of night time, and seasonal changes.
and Aeven as it is..
Every once in a while I'll pose a question, so the question is.
If Cacadem could drop an item, what would it be?

Comment below with your answers.
As you can see, it's been some time that I have posted on here. I guess I haven't found anything at the moment that is really interesting enough to talk about, that or I can't think of anything to write. Anyway, some of you might have noticed that I haven't been online on Edge for a while, I have been busy the last week or so running around getting things done. I will be returning soon once I get things done, but nevertheless, I am continuing working on the site.
I have to say, when I typed 'nevertheless' I didn't think that would actually be the way the word is spelt, kindofweird.
So as always, take care and stay tuned for coming updates to the site and posts.