Along the right side column on this page I've put up a few admin e-mails.
I'm still collecting the e-mails from the rest of the admins, just to make sure I have the correct ones.
Hope this helps for the players that need to contact any admins, just remember not to spam them!

I am a little late with this but here is the update of St Patty's event.
Most of you already know what it's about but I'll put it up here anyway along with a couple screens I took of the event.
Shamshire Forest is back again this year and you can find the Leprechaun running around in Aeven still.
By talking to him he'll show you to the secret magical place where the rainbow ends.
On this map you'll find a bunch of Leprechaun NPC's running around trying to attack you, if you're lucky to get a spot alone.
These Leprechaun's drop 300g-600g, Shamrock Hat, Leprechaun Outfit, LadyLuck Outfit and the now new addition:
Evade: 2
Agility: +3
Charisma: +5

This event may run for a little longer so you may still have a chance at collecting one.
Also just a caution, if you log out when in Shamshire Forest, you'll log into a blocked off area in the Forest and the only way out is to exit out of the Forest and you'll be teleported back to Aeven.
So once the event is over, you won't be able to get back in there so enjoy while you can.
Now for some screenies from a couple awesome players :3

Thanks for the help guys, Dazzling.
Just another map that I thought of creating which will be later on continued.
Might run with the idea of there being an Ewak nest within the cave entrance there or something along those lines.
St Patrick's Day is just around the corner, which means there could be events coming very soon.
As I recall, this is possibly one of Apollo's favourite holidays.
So be sure to keep on checking for any updates on what's happening this weekend and whether these little guys will be back again this year.
I'm looking forward to seeing what Apollo's got in store for this St Patty's day.


This post is a little late but I might as well add it in with the recent talk of the changed Game Room.
So the entrance to Hall of Borg has moved out of the Prize Master/Blue Room and has made it's way into Sepul.
You can enter Hall of Borg by entering Sepul Factory, which is west of Sepul.
On the map are a new NPC called Viper, which look like the original Snake NPC but they don't drop any items as of yet.
Here's what the Factory looks like on the outside.
Entrance to Sepul Factory, from Sepul Town.
Sepul Factory.
Game Room is back and quite a few changes have been made. From the room, you will find that the Infernos and Ultimate Apozen are gone and have been replaced with a Donom Machine. The room also looks a little different from before with a couple graphics changed. The items spawned in the chest have also changed, now only spawns Gun, Mitova, Good Force Wings and Fire Force Wings. So Gold, Phoenix Potion, Reward Scroll, Scroll of Anundo, Scroll of Halowdale and Toilet Paper don't spawn any longer. The spawn times for the items in the chest are below.

Gun - 3 hours and 55 minutes
Mitova - 3 hours and 55 minutes
Good Force Wings - 14 hours and 47 minutes
Fire Force Wings - 14 hours and 47 minutes

So where is this Game Room? Game Room is now located within the Hall of Borg. Below are pictures of the path leading to the room but for a quick explanation there is a secret wall within the room full of Tarentudas. If you walk to the bottom of the map, walk into the wall with the last flashing red light. It will warp you onto a caged path, walk through it and there will be an enclosed area to the entrance of the Game Room, in there you will find the chest and Donom Machine. So now for the pictures.
I hope this guide helps and remember to feel free to always ask any questions, I'll try help out as much as possible.