So I have attempted at recording a video and uploaded it to a new youtube channel I made.
I have to get my hands on a program in which I can increase the quality of the video, but in the meantime here is just a basic guide to the Game Room.
Once I have found a good enough program I will re-upload this video in a better quality.
Enjoy and let me know what you think, Dazzling.
Lottery Bob is now taking registrations for the up and coming lottery this month, yay!
If you haven't yet registered, you can go and talk to Lotto Bob to do so, but you'll have to pay a hefty fee of 500g.
Hefty to me as I am always running low on gold ._.
So the lottery will be held on the 15th of July and you may only partake in the event if you have registered by July 14th at 11:59pm server time.
Also, you can only win your prize on the 15th of July, any later and your registration will be void.
Good luck! :3