I'm not really into all the pretty pink flowers and such but I saw a picture of a monster/character and thought I would make something similar for fun ;3
Edited the Vampira Costume and combined a few hairstyles together, meet Blossom.
Hope you're all taking care of yourselves.
There has been a change with skins, admins are now not able to change players skins.
The only way a player is able to change their skin is by speaking to the Wise Man in Aeven and paying a fee.
You must speak to the Wise Man and click the 'Race Menu' and then choose the skin of your choice.
Arcilyte and MrShmuck have just launched their new website, Endless Edge Guides.
Both will be developing programs which Endless Edge players are able to download and use for free.
Open to the public is a free beta version of EE Weapons Stats App which they created.
It's just a start of many more applications to come.

"Endless Edge Guides is a web site designed by players of EE. We develop programs that can assist you somewhat in playing EE (but does not break any of EE's rules like hacks)."

Be sure to check their site out.

I've created a new page to upload player screenies within the gallery.

First screenies up there are of the huge Dragon Party that Crossfrost arranged.
Check it out :3

If you want your screenies up there, e-mail them to me and I'll add them in.
I have finally completed the guide for the Beast Maze, yay!
I will be uploading a video to it shortly of #21 Mutating Maze cause it may be a little confusing with all the warping.
Anyway, good luck to all those that enter in the maze, I hope the guide helps.

Take care,
Can't help but head bang to this.

Here is a list of the level requirements needed to enter restricted maps, thanks to Joey for creating the list.

To Aeven - 5
To Biters - 16
To Port - 6
To New Swamp - 12
To Desert Pot Shop - 6
To Desert (Gnomes, Rocks, Goloms) - 14
To road to Castle - 8
To Castle - 8 via the main road, 7 (take the secret route in Peri Peri farms)
To Hallowdale - 8
To Ants - 8
To Labyrinth - 8
To Outlands - 10
To Sepul - 10 via Outlands path, 15 via Anundo/Forks path
To Beast - 10
To Donom - 10
To Alex Borg - 10
To Proto 2.0 - 10
To Malone Outlet - 7
To Gameroom - 9 (even though guard says level 10 entrance)
To Centaur - 11
To Stronghold - 7
To Death Cave - 7
To Haunted House (all floors) - 7
To Anundo - 7
To Forks - 7
To Rabithers - 15
To Bahamut's Lair - 35