This drawing here is my first attempt at drawing a character and I will continue to draw more to work at getting better at it.
It isn't a drawing of Dazzling, just a random character, let me know what you think.
I'll be more than happy to draw characters for players whether that's individual characters or group characters.
So let me know and I'll get to it :3

It's Lottery time again so head on over to the Game Room to collect your prize if you have registered.
This time around I won a Toilet Paper and Hotshot got a Reward Scroll, how lucky are we.
Comment here and let me know how lucky you were.

As of recently there have been more cases of HDID match bans with players accounts.
If you go to log into Endless and find yourself banned or permanently banned without even having been online, don't worry, it wasn't anything you did.
When you create an account, the system records the hard drive from the computer in which you created the account from.
Now with the amount of hard drives out there, there is bound to be another player with the same ID as your hard drive.
When a player is banned, it also bans the hard drive ID along with it, blocking the player from logging in on that computer with that hard drive.
So if your hard drive is matched with that player, you will no longer have access into Endless either.
If you find yourself in this position, contact Apollo, myself or any admin you can get in touch with.
Just mention something along the lines of, "I tried logging in and I am banned, I wasn't online at the time and I think it may be a HDID match with another ban."
Whoever you contacted will then have a look into it and ask Apollo to fix up the ban so that you have access into the game again, unless you have asked Apollo yourself.
I hope this doesn't happen to you but if it does here are a few ways to contact Apollo.

Apollo's e-mail:
Apollo's forum account: Apollo - you must log into the forums to send him a private message
Apollo's twitter:

Dazzling's e-mail:
Chariloe's e-mail:
Kolman's e-mail:
Prophyt's e-mail:
Tiffany's forum account: Tiffany - you must log into the forums to send her a private message
Vampiremike's e-mail:
Joey's e-mail:
Picasso's e-mail:
Putting together an overall endless map, which is going to take some time it seems.
Here's a look as to what the bases of the map will be like.
Hope you like it, I'll continue to add to it and then post it up.
It's a little choppy here and there, a majority of it was edited in paint and just chucked together.
It isn't completed yet, it's still missing a number of things like the graphics of the cave top, floor, waterfalls etc.
Might be adding some greenery or something to change it a bit, make look a bit less.. dead.
But here's the beginning of a cave system I'm creating.
Might see how I go, but I'm thinking of placing a whirlpool in of some sort in which the graphics change and make it twirl.
Head on over to the Game Room and speak to Lotto Bob to register yourself into the Lotto this month.
Only costs 500g to register your character, including any alts you want entered.
Then on the 15th of September, head on back to Lotto Bob to claim your prize.
Good luck and don't forget, like I did haha.