I won't be working on the site or coming on EE for the next two weeks cause of going away on holidays.
Also won't be able to access my e-mail, so sorry in advance to any players.
Take care and thanks for reading my blog :3

Accessories list of items is now completed.
Slowly working on completing the Castle Maze guide.

Now that I'm finished with my course I will be able to work on my site much more.
So look forward to many more pages and guides.
Shields and back items page is completed but will also get updated in time such as roll over options, such as the post below.
Hope you'll all well and thanks for reading.

I have completed the weapons item list but will still be editing a couple things on the page.
I will be creating sections on the page in which you can roll your mouse over to reveal more information.
For example, roll over the to reveal my number.
Yeah, I know I'm lame.

I have a little chat-box up and running finally, been trying to find a decent one for a while now lol.
As I've written there, let me know if you have any quick questions or if you just want to say hello :3

For video tutorials that I will be uploading, I want to hear the opinion of players out there.
Should I type through the tutorial, record a voice over or should I do a bit of both?
Let me know you're thoughts here or in-game.

I have a new page underneath Gallery that will be of the items I pixel.
I know I'm not good at it, in fact I'm horrible lol but I thought it might be fun to make it.
Let me know what you think of the items/pictures I put up, and feel free to laugh all you like :3
I'm also still collecting all types of art from players if you would like your work shown on my site.
So just send me an e-mail or write to me on here.