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Now, if you have logged into Edge over the last day or so, you will have noticed that Aeven has been infested with a whole lot of Infernos and Chaos Spawns, that's because Halloween has arrived! Over the next two weeks, Aeven will stay transformed as Hell Aeven and you will be able to start quests given by NPC's within Hell Aeven that will last over Halloween only.

For those players that participated in Halloween last year, may or may not have started these quests already.

In my next post I'll give you the run down on how to complete these quests, what you need and what you'll receive from them. I'll also tell you about the new area that has opened up within Sepul for this year's event, so come back later on to read up about it.

And unless you want to get sent to Apozen's Lair, don't step on the lava tiles within Hell Aeven, the Hell Guardian's in there are nasty and mean.
You may at some point need to go in there to collect some items, such as Twin Horns and Imp Stings, so you can use that entry as a shortcut but remember to bring with you some scrolls to get back.

On a random note, meet my blobs.
And just to finish off this massively long post, another one of my drawings.
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