Arcilyte and MrShmuck have just launched their new website, Endless Edge Guides.
Both will be developing programs which Endless Edge players are able to download and use for free.
Open to the public is a free beta version of EE Weapons Stats App which they created.
It's just a start of many more applications to come.

"Endless Edge Guides is a web site designed by players of EE. We develop programs that can assist you somewhat in playing EE (but does not break any of EE's rules like hacks)."

Be sure to check their site out.
28/8/2012 03:34:07 am

Just was wonderin' if ya'll were putting together a quest guide together for the Midas quest. Thanks!

28/8/2012 01:04:05 pm

I will be putting together a guide for the Midas quest but it might not be for some time now.
Micah and Sydney have put together a guide which might help in completing the quest.
Hope that helps :3

Here is also a video from my channel of how to get to King Midas, since Midas Castle can be a little tricky.

I'll be uploading another video of how to exit the castle from King Midas' room, but for now you go down one room, and then down another room and you'll find yourself back near the entrance.

Happy questing Jeremy, good luck!

28/8/2012 01:52:43 pm

Here's the video for getting out of Midas Castle :3


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