I'm planning on creating a guild page for players to search Edge's guilds and to help leaders to recruit players.
I'll provide a space for leaders to create a guild icon to represent their guild, as well as any links that lead to any forums topics or social networking pages, such as Facebook, for their guilds.
I'll be adding in any information that you would like written about the guild.
Also be adding in the basic information about the guild. The members, experience, the ranking system etc.
So let me know at any point if you'd like to add your bit to your guild.
Sizing of the image you would like to upload for your guild will be sized at 225 x 200px.


29/10/2011 04:02:29 pm

I beleive this is great. thanks dazzle!!!

29/10/2011 06:13:02 pm

Thanks Nexal, I appreciate it :3


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