Apollo had replied on the forums just earlier this evening to a query regarding the test and main servers.

"I understand your concern for the main server, but the code is way too buggy and the problems with loss of items from crashes must end. This new code is 100% stable and prevents the chance of rollback. I know it is probably a painful downtime, but please understand I need everyone's cooperation to find any bugs now before loading this code to the main server. Once I am sure there won't be any major hangups, the main server will be re-launched using the new code. We may do some house-warming events such as a grand lottery as well to compensate everyone who has missed their old characters."

Hope this clears up most of your questions, feel free to ask anything or report any bugs at any stage.
romelio sahagon
8/1/2013 05:29:43 am

hey apollo can i be an admin so i can help u guys plz ill do anything i like endless my character is old old guy he be in endles since 2009 so dat it

8/1/2013 04:03:29 pm

Hello Romelio,
Apollo doesn't host this site, I run it myself.
It isn't necessarily the admins that need help, the admins are there to help maintain the server and help the players whenever they need help.
If you would like to help, you can do so by just playing the game and having a good time, that's all we ask of players.
And if Apollo is looking to hire admins, he will do it in his own time with the help of his team.
Remember, you can always do your bit to help from a players position, you're every bit as important as any admin or player.


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