So over the past two or so weeks, Apollo has put out information on a new donation accessory called 'Star Charm'.
This new addition to the donation items will be available to obtain either tonight or tomorrow night, whenever Apollo is able to set it up.

This charm will be a limited item and will only be available until December 31st.

The 'Star Charm' increases +3 to all stats points and gives an extra 5% experience boost when killing NPC's.
This limited accessory is a donation of $15 via PayPal from the main website.

When donating, remember to e-mail Apollo with the details of the donation, it should include your PayPal account and the character you would like the charm gifted to.

You can contact him with

If you have previously donated to Endless Edge and have a Moon Charm, you can return that charm and donate the outstanding amount to receive a Star Charm.
For example, you donated $10 for a Gold Charm and would like to donate to receive a Star Charm, you can donate the outstanding $6, taking into consideration that PayPal charges each transaction $1.

If you have a Moon Charm and wish to donate the full amount for a Star Charm, you can have the Moon Charm moved to another character. Just remember to include that information in the e-mail to Apollo after donating.

For more information or question you can view the forum topic that Apollo posted on the Star Charm donations here,

All donations go back towards Endless Edge and help in every way, it is really appreciated to put in towards the maintenance of the server.

These won't be available until Apollo has ported the new code over to the main server, which is estimated to be finished by tonight or tomorrow.

Apollo is finishing and finalising all the details and bugs revolving around this code and once it is all clear it will be put into place on the main server.

This new code will make a massive improvement on the stability of the server and will avoid the server from crashing and causing any of the nasty roll backs.

And be excited, there is a Grand Lottery coming your way so don't miss out.

Stay tuned for news on that.

24/11/2012 03:09:27 pm

I was just wondering, but how does the grand lotto work and when will it be?

24/11/2012 04:22:24 pm

Just earlier today, a player had a couple questions on the Grand Lottery that will be coming up and I linked them to this video.

It was recorded of a player of Endless Edge a while back of what the Lottery looks like.
I'm not too sure if it will be similar to this, this time round but here's just an example of what is to come.

Chests won't ever be empty, but some may contain items such as 500g or Potion of Celebrate, etc.
You can keep on going back, you'll be spawned into Aeven when you have collected your prize and step onto the exit warp.
You then just have to walk into the warp tile where Aeven Town Square's statue is and you'll go back in.
And I'm not too sure when it will be but I'm sure Apollo will let the players know on the forums when it will be held.

Hope this helps.

24/11/2012 04:27:42 pm

To sum it up, you enter into the Grand Lottery room, which will be where the Aeven Town Square statue is, and walk up and line up at a column of your choice.
These columns will be walled and you cannot walk through them.
After a couple minutes the map will mutate and you'll be warped into the column which leads you down to a chest.
You collect the item from the chest and beside the chest will be exit warp tiles that lead you back to Aeven.
Then you do that all over again until the event ends, which usually lasts for around an hour.

11/10/2013 06:58:19 pm

If you're going to be able to look back on something and laugh about it, you might as well laugh about it now.


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