If you were wondering why the server has been offline for some time now is because the test server is up and running.
To help Apollo seek out the problems of the game crashing quite often, he has opened the test server to public to find any issues revolving around bugs, glitches and other nasties.

Any previous characters that have been created on the test server prior have been wiped, this will mean that you will have to create a character from the beginning and level your way through Tutorial Island.

To access the test server you need to follow these instructions, open up econfig.exe from within your Endless Edge folder, this will open up your Endless Configuration.
You will see there within the first tab open, Connection, Server Host/IP and Server Port.
What you will need to change is the Server Port, which would be shown as 8078.
Change those digits to 8079 for the test server.
Click the Save button below, go ahead and exit the configuration and open up EndlessEdge.exe or any other shortcut you have made for the game.

So for quick and simple instructions, open econfig.exe, change Server Port to 8079, save and exit, open game.
Bob's your uncle.

Now if you're wanting to reverse this and have the main server instead of test, follow these same steps and insert 8078 into the Server Port.

Main Server Port: 8078
Test Server Port: 8079

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