To get to the other side. So I'm back home again, which means I'll be working more on the site and coming on EE more regularly. I've got plenty of ideas for what I can do for this site and they will be coming, but will just take a while. Got a big year ahead and all that. Got to get through work for plans ahead. But anyway, I want to come back online and find out what you all did for the new year and how you're all going, since it's been a little while. I'll be planning on hosting a couple events in the next month, try and get my site involved somehow cause I'm the only that views it and laughs at my little comic strips. How sad. Speaking of comics, should I continue to make them? I'd like feedback cause I want to know if they're lame or not too bad. I spent about an hour strolling around Edge and I came up with the NPC one. If you haven't checked already, on my art page I have drawn some NPC's. I suck at drawing and thought those were easy enough to draw, picking the ones that were most circular. Anyway, adios amigos.


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