As of recently there have been more cases of HDID match bans with players accounts.
If you go to log into Endless and find yourself banned or permanently banned without even having been online, don't worry, it wasn't anything you did.
When you create an account, the system records the hard drive from the computer in which you created the account from.
Now with the amount of hard drives out there, there is bound to be another player with the same ID as your hard drive.
When a player is banned, it also bans the hard drive ID along with it, blocking the player from logging in on that computer with that hard drive.
So if your hard drive is matched with that player, you will no longer have access into Endless either.
If you find yourself in this position, contact Apollo, myself or any admin you can get in touch with.
Just mention something along the lines of, "I tried logging in and I am banned, I wasn't online at the time and I think it may be a HDID match with another ban."
Whoever you contacted will then have a look into it and ask Apollo to fix up the ban so that you have access into the game again, unless you have asked Apollo yourself.
I hope this doesn't happen to you but if it does here are a few ways to contact Apollo.

Apollo's e-mail:
Apollo's forum account: Apollo - you must log into the forums to send him a private message
Apollo's twitter:

Dazzling's e-mail:
Chariloe's e-mail:
Kolman's e-mail:
Prophyt's e-mail:
Tiffany's forum account: Tiffany - you must log into the forums to send her a private message
Vampiremike's e-mail:
Joey's e-mail:
Picasso's e-mail:

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