As most of you now know, Apollo has recently enforced weight restrictions into EE and has disabled the use of all the weight hacks that have been used by players. Apollo has said it, and here I am to repeat for those that may not be informed about the restrictions, do not drop items on the ground or place them in a chest if you want to retrieve them and if by doing so you would be overweight!

In other words, don't drop your items if you are overweight, if you are lucky enough to have not dropped them by now. You will only be able to pick up items that you have enough free weight for. If you have 100 potions in your inventory and were to drop them, but only have 240/250 weight, you will only be able to pick up 10 of those potions, leaving 90 potions there.

With the weight fix also in place, for those that have not yet dropped their potions, you are still able to attack. I understand for some, this has been frustrating because of the loss of potions and gold, but Apollo has reasons behind doing this for the better of the community. Also, with the talk of not being able to get to Proto 2.0 and tank Bahamut and so on, Apollo is well aware of this and I'm sure he will create fixes in place of this change and it shouldn't be too long before he does so.

In the meantime I hope you all take care, and I apologise for not having updated my blog in some time.


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