So over the past two or so weeks, Apollo has put out information on a new donation accessory called 'Star Charm'.
This new addition to the donation items will be available to obtain either tonight or tomorrow night, whenever Apollo is able to set it up.

This charm will be a limited item and will only be available until December 31st.

The 'Star Charm' increases +3 to all stats points and gives an extra 5% experience boost when killing NPC's.
This limited accessory is a donation of $15 via PayPal from the main website.

When donating, remember to e-mail Apollo with the details of the donation, it should include your PayPal account and the character you would like the charm gifted to.

You can contact him with

If you have previously donated to Endless Edge and have a Moon Charm, you can return that charm and donate the outstanding amount to receive a Star Charm.
For example, you donated $10 for a Gold Charm and would like to donate to receive a Star Charm, you can donate the outstanding $6, taking into consideration that PayPal charges each transaction $1.

If you have a Moon Charm and wish to donate the full amount for a Star Charm, you can have the Moon Charm moved to another character. Just remember to include that information in the e-mail to Apollo after donating.

For more information or question you can view the forum topic that Apollo posted on the Star Charm donations here,

All donations go back towards Endless Edge and help in every way, it is really appreciated to put in towards the maintenance of the server.

These won't be available until Apollo has ported the new code over to the main server, which is estimated to be finished by tonight or tomorrow.

Apollo is finishing and finalising all the details and bugs revolving around this code and once it is all clear it will be put into place on the main server.

This new code will make a massive improvement on the stability of the server and will avoid the server from crashing and causing any of the nasty roll backs.

And be excited, there is a Grand Lottery coming your way so don't miss out.

Stay tuned for news on that.

So Lotto Bob had been inactive for some time on the main server and was not accepting any registrations.
Apollo fixed this yesterday and now Lotto Bob is accepting registrations for the Lottery this month.

Better be quick and register, it only costs 500g to be registered and will be open until 14th November, 11:59pm.
You have around four days to get in so be quick, good luck on the 15th.


I noticed within Centaur that some signs don't correspond with the store or building, the Bank and the Hat Shop.
I tried my part it putting together new signs that match with the building.
And here's what it would look like in-game.
Normal Bank
Edited Bank
Normal Hat Shop
Edited Hat Shop

Let me know what you think, I'll continue to create some for Aeven soon.

Here's an update from Apollo on the current news of the main server.

"Potential relaunch of the main server tomorrow. It will be using the old code so expect crashes. I will fix recovery to not kill test server. I am leaving test up for further working with the new code and testing of the remaining additions before porting to the main server."

So in other words, main may or may not be relaunched tomorrow but test will remain online to continue to source out bugs and fix them.
If main does come online, expect there to be crashes because the code will not be implemented just yet.
So far I have failed at attempts of pixeling, so I decided I would take on editing graphics a bit.
Finished this edit of a house just earlier today, let me know what you think of it.
Apollo had replied on the forums just earlier this evening to a query regarding the test and main servers.

"I understand your concern for the main server, but the code is way too buggy and the problems with loss of items from crashes must end. This new code is 100% stable and prevents the chance of rollback. I know it is probably a painful downtime, but please understand I need everyone's cooperation to find any bugs now before loading this code to the main server. Once I am sure there won't be any major hangups, the main server will be re-launched using the new code. We may do some house-warming events such as a grand lottery as well to compensate everyone who has missed their old characters."

Hope this clears up most of your questions, feel free to ask anything or report any bugs at any stage.
When you create a character on the server, it creates it with no class.
No class is more or less classed as Warrior, without it being written as 'Warrior' it's just a dash.
This means that you can add Strength, or Str, when you level on Tutorial Island, which makes it significantly easier to make your way to Aeven.

Also, if you have created a character and have been on for an hour and 30 minutes, you can re-log in order to be able to talk on global.

Good luck, Dazzling.
For those wanting the website link to the test server control panel, here it is.

If you were wondering why the server has been offline for some time now is because the test server is up and running.
To help Apollo seek out the problems of the game crashing quite often, he has opened the test server to public to find any issues revolving around bugs, glitches and other nasties.

Any previous characters that have been created on the test server prior have been wiped, this will mean that you will have to create a character from the beginning and level your way through Tutorial Island.

To access the test server you need to follow these instructions, open up econfig.exe from within your Endless Edge folder, this will open up your Endless Configuration.
You will see there within the first tab open, Connection, Server Host/IP and Server Port.
What you will need to change is the Server Port, which would be shown as 8078.
Change those digits to 8079 for the test server.
Click the Save button below, go ahead and exit the configuration and open up EndlessEdge.exe or any other shortcut you have made for the game.

So for quick and simple instructions, open econfig.exe, change Server Port to 8079, save and exit, open game.
Bob's your uncle.

Now if you're wanting to reverse this and have the main server instead of test, follow these same steps and insert 8078 into the Server Port.

Main Server Port: 8078
Test Server Port: 8079